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"Tradition: John MacLeod and Escalante Rugs"

Artist Reception Friday, October 3, 2014, 5-8 PM


This new October exhibition highlights both John MacLeod’s magnificent recreations of ceremonial Native American war shirts and Escalante’s impressive selection of hand-woven rugs and pillows from top Zapotec Indian weavers.

MacLeod, who will be at the exhibition’s opening to meet visitors and describe his traditional techniques and inspiration, can take a month or more to complete one of his war shirts. His process includes smoking the deer hides he uses to achieve an aged finish before rubbing traditional paints into the hides for his dynamic, and traditionally accurate, colorations. Cutting in or working in fringe as well as strips of hanging ermine and horsehair tassels figure in many of his shirts while meticulous traditionally inspired hand-beading is a defining presence on each of MacLeod’s war shirts.

Though these shirts can certainly be worn they are truly impressive pieces meant to hang on a wall as a treasured piece of artwork and a surprising alternative to simply hanging a painting. MacLeod also creates one-of-a-kind shields, shield covers, horse masks, dresses, and many other items for which the gallery can take special orders.

The Zapotec Indians of Teotitlan del Valle, a small village nestled in the Oaxaca Valley in the foothills of the Sierra Madres of Mexico, are known locally as the “people of the clouds” and their weaving traditions, part of their culture for thousands of years, are alive and well today. Despite recent cultural changes made by other Native groups in Mexico, the weaving traditions of the Zapotecs and the impeccable level of craftsmanship evident in their work remain unchanged.

Escalante Rugs has worked with top Zapotec weavers for over two decades and has built strong relationships with the Native American weavers. Their 100% churro wool rugs are superb and the unique churro/mohair blend that Escalante worked with the Zapotec to create makes for extra long-lasting, heirloom quality rugs (mohair, as a strong natural fiber, is second only to the mane-hair of a horse). Designs range from geometrics to pictographic; color palettes from earth tones to an array of rich hues. Exhibition through October 12th.

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"Last Light" by John MacLeod
Traditional materials, 38 "h x 64"w x 3"d,  NEW!

"Rapid River War Shirt"by John MacLeod
Traditional materials, 37 "h x 63"w x 3"d,

Assortment of Zapotec rugs and pillows from Escalante Rugs; rug sizes range from 2 feet to 8 feet long, pillows from small to large; traditional methods and dyes on 100% Churro wool or a special Churro/Angora blend.

Assortment of Zapotec pillows from Escalante Rugs; pillow sizes range from approximately 13" x 16" to 20" square; traditional methods and dyes on 100% Churro wool.

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Turquoise Tortoise Gallery is proud to present "Tradition: John MacLeod and Escalante Rugs" as its featured artist for SGA First Friday in the Galleries event on October 3, 2014    with a reception from 5 to 8 p.m. You are invited!

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