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“I paint with thick, juicy, saturated color incorporating the psychology of color to uplift and to invoke joy.”

From a young age Shari Ubechel felt an innate need to create. And she was blessed with a family and with schooling that encouraged and supported her. Her grandfather, an artist, writer and inventor gifted her with art supplies and her school, Abington Friends School in Pennsylvania, gave her the opportunity to practice art daily. She won a gold medal, a blue ribbon and, of the whole school, was awarded a scholarship to attend classes at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. Ubechel graduated from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art after also studying with their international program in Rome, Italy.

In the early years of her career Shari Ubechel painted photo realistically. She studied the masters and traveled the world; museums, nature and local color in twenty-three countries and all but two U.S. states all provided inspiration. The Southwest called early on but her first move to New Mexico proved premature and she returned to New York where her art career flourished. It took that established toehold before the universe drew her back to the Southwest ̶ This time everything fell into place.

As her geography changed so too did her technique. In the Southwest now since 2005, Shari Ubechel finds her style to be as free as the landscapes that surround her. There is a loose vibrancy to her strokes of bold acrylic paint as she portrays the peace and power of the Southwest. “Through my paintings I am trying to express the full richness of life, sharing the beauty of nature,” she says. “I like to paint places that I have had a great experience in, to record the memory for myself and the viewer.”

The images in Ubechel’s paintings have another dimension – literally. “[When] I was going to art school at Tyler School of Art in Rome, observing the Masters' work first hand, I set a goal for myself to do something different than others before me. I would build on their tools, yet go further into historically new territory creating 3D painting. It took me 20 years to invent this interactive 3D painting technique. It has been so exciting to see people's reactions as they feel as though they are stepping into the painting themselves.” These are not 3D anamorphic art works that fool the eye into seeing in three dimensions; these are works that appear to be exactly the enchanting two dimensional scenes that they are as they hang on your wall – it is only when one dons a pair of 3D glasses that their secret depths emerge.

Working on one painting at a time, Shari Ubechel paints every chance she gets, both en plein air and from photos, hiking and exploring when not at her studio, scouting new scenes to bring to life on canvas. Her vibrant, innovative paintings have been seen on TV shows, in the News, newspapers, and inside and on the covers of books. Shari Ubechel has shown in over 300 juried shows and museums, and has sold over 6,000 paintings worldwide to collectors such as Jimmy Fallon and Carlos Santana.



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"Garden Gateway"
Acrylic on canvas NEW

"Grand Canyon Rapids"
Acrylic on canvas NEW


"Buffalo River"
Acrylic on canvas NEW



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